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the middle of a dispute over price. it is causing supplies to be very low in the bay area. we'll explain. if you are a big fan of the rain, well, sorry! we are drying things out around the bay area. a lot of sunshine to come. we'll tell you when coming up. >> and roadwork may slow you down this morning. i'll tell you where in a few minutes. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday, december 6. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on the nose. and we begin with some breaking news in san francisco. a huge water break after a car slammed into a fire hydrant about an hour ago. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is by folsom and 2nd and joins us live in the city with more. i guess they got it capped, but it was really something about a half hour ago or so, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right, frank. the new concern now is actually structural safety. i want to show you, they blocked off the roads in this area. that is essex off of folsom here and they say they're going to block all four lanes right there because they want to sort of assess the damage of what happened. but we want to show you some video that we shot earlier. you can get a look at that
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gushing water at least 40 feet high is what we're told. and about 1,000 -- tens of thousands of gallons of water that had come out of that break. now, from what we could see, that car knocked the hydrant completely out. we heard reports this started just before 4 a.m. this morning. san francisco police told us officers were trying to pull over this car at 4th and howard for a minor traffic vial violation. the driver fled and hit the hydrant. they took the driver into custody. we are unsure if the driver sustained any injuries. police still on scene. we know that san francisco fire is still on scene. what i was told by one of the firefighters is that they are waiting for a contractor to come and assess the safety of that building because we know that that gushing water caused some structural damage to the scaffolding and they want to make sure everything is safe so until then, they are going to continue to block off essex road here off of folsom. reporting live in san
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francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. lawrence karnow was at the ballet last night, ladies and gentlemen, a little culture. >> i wasn't performing. but my little girl is going to be performing this weekend. i mean, it is so cute watching these little girls ballet. so getting excited for that, folks. i think a lot of people getting excited about some dry weather and that's exactly what we're expecting to see over the next few days. some dense fog though showing up in some of th valleys. interior valleys will see very thick fog for the next couple of days. trough along the west coast so temperatures will stay down but not too bad. mild start to the day. 57 san jose. 55 san francisco. mostly cloudy skies and 56 degrees in livermore. as you look around the bay this afternoon, becoming partly cloudy, about 62 in san jose. 26 in morgan 62 morgan hill. east bay 59 degrees in antioch,
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60 in concord and 61 livermore. inside the bay we'll see a little sunshine and passing clouds. but some dry weather temperature about 59 degrees in san francisco and about 60 in oakland. that's a look at weather. gianna, how's traffic? >> it's not too bad. we are starting to see a few break lights at the altamont pass westbound 580. eastbound 580 there is still roadwork in effect north greenville to north flynn at least one lane closed until with 11:00 today so expect delays on the eastbound side, as well. eastbound highway 4 at loveridge wrapping up in the next few minutes. right now all lanes still shut down for roadwork through there and better news along 101. we had three lanes completely shut down northbound near 92. that's now been cleared. we should get back up to speed within the next few minutes. accident blocking one lane still very early no delays as you work your way through there westbound 80 clear and in fact the eastshore freeway commute looks good. mass transit on time. bart under way with no delays. bart, ace, muni, caltrain and your ferries all no delays.
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there are street closures near folsom and essex. we are learning that the essex street ramp to the eastbound bay bridge connector is shut down. so we'll let you though when that reopens. a deadly fire is under investigation in san francisco's ingleside heights neighborhood. one person was found dead in the house on saint charles avenue. that fire started about 8:0last night and was out before 9:00. >> oakland police have fended off the feds but a judge still needs to sign off on this last- minute deal with civil rights attorneys. instead of a government takeover, oakland police agreed to a compliance director appointed by a judge and paid for by the city. cbs 5 insider phil matier says both sides can claim a partial victory. >> reporter: the plaintiffs will now have someone within the department answerable to the court to make sure that changes are made. but most importantly what they avoid is a complete federal takeover something that would
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be an embarrassment for the city and could also lead to the judge telling them don't have enough cops and ordering them to hire more. >> according to the "oakland tribune," this makes oakland the first city in the nation to have its police command staff under the authority of a court- appointed director. 5:05 now. crime was the issue for hundreds of people at an oakland town hall meeting last night. the mayor jean quan admitted oakland is seeing more violent crime specifically robberies in the city. she talked about the changes she says are needed in oakland. >> we have to have more police officers and we also have to have people to have more jobs and more opportunity and more hope. >> they bring data. but the data is never really up to date. and they are always playing catch-up, what happened yesterday? >> police officials talked about programs they are using to fight crime but a gunfight in the same neighborhood the previous night did not even come up during the meeting. san francisco supervisors are considering a pilot program
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to allow some police officers to carry tasers. the board committee meets about that this morning. the coalition on homelessness plans to protest saying the introduction of tasers increases deaths at the hands of officers. the search for a missing california couple has ended. the couple from sacramento county went missing during last week's storm after their car got stuck in the snow off highway 88 in alpine county. rodrick clifton and paula lane were last seen at a 7-eleven in citrus heights before leaving for nevada. clifton is still missing. his girlfriend was found by a family member last night walking outside of a car on the highway. she was taken to the hospital with frostbite. police say it appears paula went to look for rodrick after he never returned from trying to get help. >> they may have been sightseeing and got stuck in the snow. reports are that they may have stayed in the vehicle or slept in the vehicle for at least one night. rodrick left the vehicle to seek help. and when he did not return,
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paula left to seek help. >> paula is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. three suspects have been arrested in connection with a major theft ring in san francisco. police say they found laptops, cell phones, cameras and hey number of other stolen items in the suspect's apartment. more items were found in storage units. most of the items came from car break-ins from san francisco and oakland. the estimated value of all that loot, a half million dollars. some other bay area headlines now on this thursday. a series of robberies at the carquinez bridge toll plaza has been solved. the california highway patrol plans a news conference this morning to announce the arrests of suspects in the case. the robberies happened earlier this year. the city of richmond wants to hear from the public before it allows chevron to rebuild a unit at its refinery. that refinery was damaged in an
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august 6 fire that cut gasoline production and sent thousands to the hospital. the city council said tuesday that the city manager needs to hold a public meeting on this complicated issue. well, if you haven't had fresh crab this season, it might be too late. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at san francisco's fisherman's wharf with more. >> reporter: we were here when the season started in mid- november and this place was alive with enthusiasm for fresh crab and the boats right now are idle. this is all because they're on strike. it's a dispute over price. before the season started fishermen and wholesalers had agreed it a price of $3 a pound. a little higher than normal. last year it was 2.25. fishermen say they needed more money because of fewer crabs and the cost of fuel is up.
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but they said they were better crabs, meatier crabs. now fish brokers say demand is down so they only want to pay 1.80. now that the boats are idle supply is down and the tanks are empty. it's the law of economics and should eventually balance itself out. but, of course, fans of crab don't want to go without, especially in the holiday season so we'll see how quickly they are able to work this out. right now the bays affected are the san francisco bay, half moon bay and bodega bay. live on fisherman's wharf, anne makovec, cbs 5. the duchess of cambridge has finally been discharged from her london hospital after being treated for acute morning sickness. the former kate middleton is said to be feeling much better. there she is with the prince and some flowers with her husband by her side she was all smiles leaving the king edward vii hospital. the royal couple's office says she is headed to kensington palace where she will rest.
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silicon valley's john mcafee is under arrest in guatemala. the founder of the santa clara software company mcafee was taken into custody yesterday accused of entering guatemala illegally. he is a person of interest in the murder of his neighbor in belize. he had been this hiding but this week, surfaced in guatemala to seek asylum. mcafee contends he is a victim of a government conspiracy in belize. >> i had to leave but the story has to get out. i have documentation that proves the intense corruption at all levels of the parisian government now that i'm in a safe place i can speak freely. >> a lot more to this story. mcafee may face deportation back to belize. coming up, why the nap nanny maker is being sued.
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>> the high level phone call that could signal progress. >> first police move in to take down a suspect but his family has other ideas. the bizarre bust coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cameras were rolling as a suspect jumps out a window d runs toward th after 10 hours barricaded inside a new york home with his 10-year-old niece cameras were rolling as a suspect jumped out a window runs to the front of the house. police rush in and take him down. oh, and by the way, so did some family members who pitched in to help out. police eventually too bad him into custody. but not before a very chaotic scene. nobody was hurt. i imagine that guy got a little bruised up by family members. >> but they're lucky it was just bruised up. when you get in that situation, that could be very dangerous. all right. 5:15. let's get a check on the roads. >> all right. gianna, that's your domain. >> that's my forte. we'll head to city streets in san francisco. cate will have more details in a live report but right now lanes are blocked four lanes at essex at folsom. this is due to an accidents where a vehicle took out a fire hydrant so they had a big water mess in the area. this will affect accessing the
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bay bridge. eastbound bay bridge the ramp may b blocked. lower deck traffic okay. on the upper deck of the bay bridge no problems. the ramp accessing the bay bridge from essex street may be closed because of lean closures. 880 both directions not showing problems now. northbound traffic is clear to the maze. southbound early-morning roadwork looks likes they wrapped up early and you're free-flowing. looks like about a 15-minute ride between 238 and the maze. we have an accident eastbound 80 at travis. it is blocking one lane and you're seeing on our sensors here, speeds dipping just under 40 miles an hour because of that one lane being blocked in that area. so you might need a few extra minutes if you are working your way eastbound through there. westbound no delays to report. we are seeing stop and go conditions on the altamont pass. east side greenville to flynn roadwork will be at least until 11:00. roadwork still in effect
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eastbound 4 at loveridge delays in both directions. but the good news the roadways are dry. here's lawrence with more on that. >> good morning, gianna. folks, out the door, got some good news. looks like the rain is over for now and really probably for the foreseeable future outside though. the raindrops left behind and a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. so we're seeing plenty of fog. so be careful. some of that tule fog developing in some of the valleys. but looks like the rain is heading on out and it looks like high pressure is going to be building in over the next couple of days. skies are mostly cloudy though now if you are heading out the door and again some of that dense fog inland. temperatures not too bad. 57 san jose, 55 san francisco, 56 livermore. i think as we head through the day today we'll start to see those clouds part a little buy and by the afternoon partly cloudy skies. dry weather pattern continues not only today but looks like right through the weekend. in fact, we may see an offshore wind over the weekend and that could mean some very nice weather outside but we're looking dry now a much-needed break. some of our rainfall totals running about 180% of normal for this time of year.
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so yeah, much-needed break. we are going to see some of possible delays at sfo today due to the low clouds outside right now. by the afternoon that should begin to break up then flowing more clearly. looks like things around the country are running into the 70s in houston with mostly cloudy skies, 50s in denver, 47 chicago, clear in new york at 45. starting out with patchy thick fog early on should give way to sunshine and a few clouds by the afternoon but dry weather all around the bay area. watch out traveling in the central valley through the next few days seeing dense tule fog there, as well. 50s and 60s into the south bay and 50s and 60s into the east bay maybe cool in some of the spots where it takes a while longer for the fog to clear. good news though we are staying dry not only today but friday and saturday and over the weekend, those offshore winds kick in. sunshine all the way to the coastline. maybe even some mid-60s, maybe upper 60s if we're lucky toward sunday and monday. that's a look at weather. back to you. >> thank you. i like that forecast, lawrence.
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a positive sign in the "fiscal cliff" negotiations. president obama and house speaker john boehner have spoken on the phone. the president also met yesterday with ceos of some of the nation's largest companies hoping to convince them of the need of higher tax rates on upper income americans. >> we are not insisting on higher rates out of spite or bickering but, rather, because we need to raise a certain amount of money. >> house majority leader eric cantor echoed of thoughts of his fellow republicans saying more needs to be done about spending. the colorado movie theater where a gunman opened fire during the latest batman movie will finally reopen next month. aurora's mayor says the cineplex will open to the public on january 18. movie theater plans to run free movies for the first couple of days. you may recall 12 people were
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killed, 58 others injured, when holmes allegedly james holmes opened fire allegedly in july. same-sex marriage is legal in washington signed into law last night by the governor. dozens of people got marriage licenses at the courthouse in seattle. the state has a three-day waiting period so the earliest it can start is on sunday. a federal government is taking action against the makers of a portable baby recliner after five infant deaths. this is the new model of the nap nanny called the chill. the consumer product safety commission says the device poses substantial risk of injury and death to babies. the company that makes it, baby matters, went out of business a month ago. the temptation not to cheat on a diet is hard enough. now it seems though diets may enhance your sweet tooth. researchers from northwestern university found sweets taste much better when the person is cheating on a diet. yeah, a little drama helps
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party. the results show the more guilt that you feel the more pleasure you get from eating the treats. i think that's true actually. >> now watching them eat that i want some sweets. >> there you go. >> right? >> we'll get on that right away. >> okay, thanks. it's 5:20. it's official. cal has a new head football coach. >> plus an 18-foot fadeaway. the buzzer beater and our play of the day. >> finally drying things out around the bay area, lots of snow in the sierra nevada the last week or so. plenty of it if you want to go up there and it should be great travel conditions. here's your snow report: we'll have more on your weather coming up next. ,,,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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you won't take our future.
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aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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we have clouds rolling through the bay area but it looks like it is going to stay dry. partly cloudy though into the afternoon. but no rain. we'll have more of that coming up. and we have some surface street problems in san francisco but the good news traffic in the south bay is quiet. no delays along 101. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> who was that phantom weather man? >> that was lawrence. >> is that lawrence on coffee run! the cal bears found their
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new head football coach. sonny dykes will replace jeff tedford fired last month. dykes had a 9-3 record in his third year in his previous coaching job with the bulldogs. he will take over a cal team that finished 3-9 last season under tedford. one down, six to go. the warriors a longest road trip of the year they kicked it off in style. golden state at detroit led by 2 at halftime and the guards go on a tear. klay thompson hits five threes in the 3rd quarter and stephen curry with a fourth straight double-double. warriors win 104-97 continuing the road trip playing the nets. nothing like a good old- fashioned buzzer beater for a play of the day. new york at charlotte tied at 98, 3.4 seconds left in the game. won...
5:25 am
>> smith puts it up for the win, it's good! j.r. smith nails the jumper! >> with that the knicks' j.r. smith a little more popular with his teammates there. great shot. knicks won 100-98 right at the buzzer. great job. >> looks good. >> 5:25. oakland police fight off the feds. what the department is giving up to avoid an embarrassing takeover. >> reporter: we're live at folsom and essex in san francisco where a car hit a hydrant. the new concern coming up for firefighters. the water stopped gushing. fresh crab may be harder to buy this holiday season. the fight keeping fishermen at the docks when we come back.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald . you can take a look at just how high that water was gushing. >> a police stop and a massive spout of water in san francisco. >> we need a response from the white house. we can't sit here and negotiate with ourselves. >> still no face-to-face talks on that "fiscal cliff." >> there will be no deal without a compromise on taxes. >> state lawmakers fixing their cars on your dime. >> as a taxpayer, you know, it's my money going to it so it's certainly frustrating. >> oakland police fend off the feds. >> most importantly, what they avoid is a complete federal takeover, something that would be an embarrassment for the city. >> i have documentation that proves the intense corruption at all levels of the belizian government. >> busted and heading back to belize, silicon valley tycoon john mcafee is now under arrest. >> the dungeness crab season just got started and already, the boats are idle. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "eyewitness news this morning."
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captions by: caption colorado good morning, everyone. it's thursday, december 6. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30 now on this thursday. we have some developing news in downtown san francisco. police chase ends with a car slamming into a fire hydrant. >> the wet mess has been cleaned up. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is live with why the roads are still blocked off. >> reporter: essex street off folsom is still blocked off four lanes over here. this area will be blocked off until authorities can determine the scaffolding of the nearby structure is secure. that building right over there sustained some damage after that hydrant break. the water was gushing up to 40 feet high and as you mentioned it happened after a driver crashed into a hydrant after
5:31 am
trying to get away from officers. just before 4 a.m., police tell us officers were trying to pull over the driver for a minor traffic violation and then it ended in a watery mess up to 50,000 gallons of water out on san francisco's streets. that driver has been taken into custody suspected of dui. and we don't know if the driver sustained any injuries. now, back out live we want to show you police and firefighters are still out on scene. you can see that damage to that building right there just beyond that hydrant. i was told a contractor was going to be called out to the scene, frank and michelle, to take a look at that building because again the concern now is that scaffolding because of the damage it sustained. could it potentially come down? we're told they are not concerned about it just yet but they want to make sure 100% before they reopen these roads. reporting live in san francisco, cate caugiran, cbs 5. an on-ramp to the bay bridge is closed. let's go to gianna with traffic.
5:32 am
>> because of this situation there at essex and folsom if you are trying to get on the skyway to the lower deck of the bay bridge, that's not possible but you can access it from first. so just detour there, that's not too far away. that will get you on the lower deck of the bay bridge. we are not seeing delays as of yet. a live look at conditions just as you come off the upper deck just extra volume as you work your way through there. it may affect outbound muni treasure island bus number 108 may have to be rerouted but they will probably just use first street as the alternate so maybe a few-minute delays through there. as far as accidents, it hasn't been too bad. 880 both directions has been clear. early-morning roadwork is out of there. southbound 101 through marin no delays. clear across the golden gate bridge. earlier wreck east 80 at travis is cleared out of lanes. still dealing with residual delays from that accident. eastbound 580 to flynn road we have construction so slow-and- go in both directions. metering lights on the bay
5:33 am
bridge are off. so far traffic still very light towards the toll plaza. it's dry. >> isn't that nice? haven't been able to say that in quite some time and looking dry now in the near future maybe even extended as we're seeing high pressure to build in. still the raindrops leaving behind plenty of moisture in the atmosphere. we are seeing patchy dense fog in the valleys so watch out for that early on today but storm clouds sliding east and out of town. drying out nicely. outside still mostly cloudy skies. the temperatures fairly mild mainly into the 50s outside. 57 degrees in san jose. 54 in san francisco. and 56 degrees in livermore. this afternoon, we are going to see some partly cloudy skies, may take a little while for the clouds to break up especially inland so plan on 50s and 60s around the bay area. not warm but at least dry. but this weekend could be something else. we'll talk about that coming up, guys, in a couple of minutes. back to you. 5:34 now. police are investigating after a body was found in a burnt-out home in san francisco. crews battled the fire on saint
5:34 am
charles avenue around 8:30 last night. flames were put out fast. it took a half hour and that's when the body was discovered. no details about the victim have been released questions this morning about pleasant hill's second homicide of the year. deputies found a body near 680 and concord avenue around 9:30 last night. no information on the victim, suspect or motive. often february 10 a 21-year-old man died in a drive-by shooting. the search for a missing couple has ended. they went missing during last week' storm. it appears the sacramento county couple got stuck in the snow off highway 88 in alpine county. they were last seen at a 7- eleven in citrus heights before leaving for nevada. paula lane was found by a family member last night walking outside of a car on the highway. she was taken to the hospital
5:35 am
with frostbite and a body found in the area was identified as the victim. he went for help and never returned. >> they may have been sightseeing and got stuck in the snow. reports are that they may have stayed in the vehicle or slept in the vehicle for at least one night. rodrick left the vehicle to seek help and when he did not return, paula left for help. >> lane is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. this morning, oakland police are searching for a driver who hit a police officer. it happened around 11:00 last night near 6th and washington. police say the officer wasn't seriously hurt but the driver could face hit-and-run charges. 5376 now. there will be no government takeover of the oakland police department. a last-minute deal reach last night. the much criticized police force agreed to a compliance director instead appointed by a judge paid by the city.
5:36 am
cbs 5 insider phil matier says both sides can claim victory. >> someone in the department will be answerable to the court to make sure changes are made but most importantly what they avoid is a complete federal takeover something that would have an embarrassments for the city and could also lead to a judge telling them they don't center enough cops and ordering them to hire more. >> according to the "oakland tribune" oakland will be the city in the nation to have its police command staff under the authority of a court-appointed director. some other bay area headlines now tasers will be the hot topic before a committee of san francisco supervisors this morning. members will consider a pilot program to allow members of the police department's crisis intervention team to carry the stun guns. opponents plan to pack that meeting in protest tonight. and the santa clara 49ers stadium continues to take shape with another big moment planned today a topping out ceremony. that's scheduled as the construction crew installs the uppermost structural steel
5:37 am
beams. the team says the stadium project is still on time and should open for the 2014 nfl football season crab season came to an abrupt halt off the bay area coast. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san francisco, where crab boats are sitting in port this morning. >> reporter: they are idle right now in what's supposed to be the height of the crab fishing season because there is a strike. it's in dispute over price. this is something we saw last year, as well. the season opened back in mid- november and everything looked positive at that time. the problem started on sunday when crabbers heard that fish brokers were going to drop the price of wholesale crab from $3 a pound which they agreed upon down to $1.80. demand after thanksgiving dropped and they are trying to balance supply and demand. now that boats are idle supply is dropping. so we'll have to see when that
5:38 am
balance out. some retailers say they have no crab in their tanks right now others are running very, very low. the bays that are taking part in this strike right now fisherman's union here in san francisco, bodega bay and half moon bay. live on fisherman's wharf anne makovec, cbs 5. new this morning, the duchess of cambridge is back home at kensington palace finally. the pregnant kate middleton was released from king edward vii hospital today smiling with her husband prince william by her side and some flowers there. she was treated for severe morning sickness and is feeling better. internet security pioneer john mcafee is now under arrest in guatemala. the founder of the santa clara- based web security firm mcafee taken into custody yesterday. he is accused of crossing the border illegally. mcafee is a person of interest in the murder of a neighbor in belize. he had been in hiding for weeks but then surfaced in guatemala
5:39 am
to seek asylum. he believes he is a victim of a government conspiracy in belize. >> i had to leave. but the story has to get out. i have documentation that proves the intense corruption at all levels of the belizian government. now that i'm in a safe place, i can speak freely. >> mcafee's arrest was for entering guatemala illegally. he could face deportation back to belize. in world news, the egyptian army is now deploying tanks outside the presidential palace in cairo as clashes intensify between critics and supporters of president mohamed morsi. overnight violence left five people dead and more than 600 injured. the worst outbreak since the "muslim brotherhood" leader was elected. morsi critics began protesting two weeks ago when the president gave himself sweeping powers that place him above judicial oversight. and there's a sliver of
5:40 am
hope toward ending the 21 month civil war in syria. an anonymous u.s. official told the "associated press" secretary of state hillary clinton and a top russian diplomat will hold a surprise meeting with the united nations peace envoy foreseers. still, this comes amid signs the country's leader bashar assad is edging closer to using chemical weapons against syrian rebels. germany's cabinet today approved sending patriot air defense missiles to turkey to protect the country against attacks from syria. mortar rounds and shells from syria have killed several turks in recent weeks. the decision on the missiles must still be endorsed by the german parliament. superstorm sandy and the "fiscal cliff." a lot of factors could shake up tomorrow's jobs report. we'll have a preview coming up. >> and it looked like new year's eve in seattle. pot smokers light up in celebration of washington's new law but it comes with some limitations. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪[ music ] the music world is mourning the death of jazz pioneer dave brubeck who died yesterday of heart failure on the way to a hospital for a scheduled check- up. he was born 92 years ago today. and he was born in concord over
5:44 am
in the east bay. you might remember him for his jazz hits including the biggie "take five." >> what you might not know is that brubeck learned the piano from his mother and after leading an army band during world war ii he studied at mills college in oakland. >> i didn't know he was from the bay area. just in from the labor department, new jobless claims fell sharply from a week ago as disruptions blamed on superstorm sandy diminished. new claims dropped by 25,000 last week to 370,000. that's fewer than economists had expected. and tomorrow, the first monthly jobs report since hurricane sandy and the election comes out. >> here now with a preview jill schlesinger, editor at large for jill, what's expected? >> reporter: the economy likely created just 80,000 new jobs last month down dramatically from the 171,000 in october. the unemployment rate could
5:45 am
inch up to about 8%. we were at 7.9% last month. this falloff in job creation is likely due to a combination of the effects of superstorm sandy but also worries over the "fiscal cliff." >> jill, when can we expect to see the sandy-related impact diminish? >> reporter: to gauge the effect i went back to the data after hurricane katrina. katrina was a larger storm but sandy struck an area with a larger population so i think the impact on employment might look pretty similar. it took two months after katrina to return to the previous trend job growth. that means that hopefully by january, things should settle down in the data and we'll have to endure a couple of rotten months on the way. >> there we go. and we have this thing that "fiscal cliff," that so-called "fiscal cliff" "fiscal cliff" that we're sick of. how is that going to impact the whole job situation? >> reporter: you know, for a while it looks like it wasn't going to but in recent surveys we see that businesses are putting off investing and
5:46 am
hiring until congress and the president finish their wrangling. i think the reason is pretty clear. uncertainty over taxes and the impact of scheduled government cuts on the economy is really making it hard for companies to plan. so instead, they are keeping their spending in a wait-and- see mode and again, that's going to persist until we get resolution. for more on the jobs report preview, go to where we warn that things could get ugly in the labor market before they turn around. >> okay. jill schlesinger, editor at large for, thank you. i'm going to have to separate my coanchor and our weather guy because we have a quasi denver bronco fan here, she grew up there. we'll let her have that. quasi. and a huge raider fan. >> and they play tonight. huge raider fan. i'm not too excited about this game tonight. >> we may not be talking tomorrow morning. >> going to make sure you guys are open. >> there is a reason the desk are separate. >> we have good news. we are finally catching a break
5:47 am
from the stormy weather outside. all the raindrops leaving behind a lot of moisture in the atmosphere so we're catching a lot of fog outside around the bay area. dense fog in the valleys. watch out for that today and in the coming days especially late night and early-morning hours. otherwise, though, we are going to squeeze in a little bit of sunshine toward the afternoon. temperatures fairly mild under mostly cloudy skies. 57 in oakland. 54 in san francisco. and 55 degrees in san jose. as we head through the day, those clouds will begin to break up ever so slowly by the afternoon. partly cloudy but a dry weather pattern settling in. a much-needed dry weather pattern. rain totals 180% of normal for this time of year. so we're catching a break looking dry for the foreseeable future. storm clouds headed east. high pressure is coming in. the next couple of days it can make for a beautiful weekend. temperatures may be in the 60s around a good part of the bay area. traveling today watch out for dense fog in the central valley
5:48 am
high country looking good to do some skiing. once you get 50s in the high country and dry. fog a concern giving way to sunshine in the afternoon hours but the temperatures going to stay a little bit cool. plan on highs in the 50s and 60s in the south bay, you will see a lot of 50s and 60s inland and inside the bay we'll keep those temperatures very similar, 50s and also 60s. next couple of days, we are going to see dry weather. looks like warmer weather over the weekend even some mid-60s by sunday and monday, gianna. >> that works for me, lawrence. all right. headed towards the bay bridge toll plaza this morning, so far, so good. no delays. metering lights are off. in fact, traffic still light as you work your way through there. rest of the bay area bridges not showing any problems. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge now. things clear in both directions. golden gate bridge traffic very light out of marin county into san francisco. now, speaking of city streets in san francisco, labors are still blocked on essex at
5:49 am
folsom. also affecting access to the eastbound side of the bay bridge. trying to get on the skyway from essex you can't do that until they clear the vehicle that took out a fire hydrant. cate caugiran will have more details into few minutes from the scene. use 1st as an alternate to access the bay bridge. westbound 580 at airway blocking lanes, slow anyway through the altamont pass. 5:49. lawyers for samsung and apple will be back in a san jose federal courtroom today. samsung would like the court to overturn a $1 billion jury verdict in a patent case that determined samsung ripped off apple's iphone and ipad designs. apple on the other hand is hoping to add another half billion dollars to the award. stay tuned. here's a change. apple plans to start producing some products here at home. ceo tim cook just announced one of the company's existing lines of mac computers will actually be made in the united states. no word on exactly where that might be. the news came a day of after
5:50 am
apple posted its worst stock drop in four years, lost nearly 40 points yesterday. a new day is dawning in washington state where recreational use of marijuana is now legal. hundreds of people showed up at the space needle to celebrate at midnight. voters approved the law last month. adults can now possess up to an ounce of pot. but growing it and selling it is still a crime. 5:50. this is for the fast food fan who has everything but wants a little bit more apparently. >> a piece of perfume. yes, ladies, sorry, it's real. >> minus the anchovie. >> and there are christmas lights and then there is this. what it takes to pull off the biggest display in the bay area. we are going to take you there and tell you where it is, too, when we come back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
5:51 am
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away. two years after arriving in the bay area the fresh and easy market chain could be going away. there are 19 in the bay area employing about 500 people but the british owner of the chain says it's under taking a wide- ranging review of the grocery business and that may include potentially selling off some of the "fresh & easy" stores in the bay area. imagine smelling like hot cheese pizza dough and pepperoni? well, you could. pizza hut has come out with a limited edition perfume. the company's marketing firm jokingly posted a status on its canadian facebook asking what people would call a scent that captured the romantic aroma of pizza hut pizza. so many people responded that the company decided, hey, let's give it a go. 110 bottles were produced and handed out to fans in canada. so if you head up there and people smell like pizza, you
5:54 am
know why. >> i don't think it's a romantic scent, though. >> well, depends who you are, i guess. >> anyway. >> are you going to the raider game tonight? >> i may. i may. why? what's that to do with pizza? >> you might meet some people who think that the pizza -- too deep. there are people who put lights up for christmas and then there are people who do it this way. one house in livermore holds the disextension of having the biggest light display in the bay area. it attracts about 40,000 people a year and many of them are children who are just mesmerized by the whimsical display. this year 345,000 lights dazzle fans from all over the bay area. >> it's sort of one of the first things we always do every year. it's just magical for me. >> this display is free. it is open to the public. dave covers his own electricity bill. i imagine it's pretty big but he is collecting donations for
5:55 am
gifts to the homeless. so if you head out that way, you said you might take your children to check it out? >> i think that would be cool. but can you imagine his neighbors? >> well, they better get used to a lot of cars. i imagine they are used to it by now. >> no kidding. plenty of bay area residents and tourists can't miss this christmas tradition in san francisco's union square. michael tweeted us this christmas tree photo flanked by palm trees. there you go. what a sight. >> beautiful. >> you can share your photos with us. email this to mornings at post them to our facebook page, as well. tweet them, we want to show everyone those. coming up the pregnant duchess of cambridge leaving the hospital. what's next in her recovery. >> and live in san francisco, where a watery mess is cleaned up after a car slammed into a hydrant. but it's the damage that it caused that's raising concerns
5:56 am
with firefighters. we'll give you details in a live report. >> and crab boaters on strike. the dispute that's already causing a shortage at bay area restaurants. ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a police chase ends with a geyser in san francisco. how it's impacting traffic on the bay bridge. >> a dispute over price has crab boats docked this morning. we'll tell you who the big loser is next. >> the rain is gone, but the raindrops left behind causing fog. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are getting busy at the bay bridge toll plaza. complete look at traffic in just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, the weekend is approaching. good news there. december 6. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. a car slammed into a fire frdrant in downtown san

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